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Machinery that drives your business forward.


Precision Machining & Assembly.

Dr. Machines specializes in designing and manufacturing food packaging and production lines, custom production machines using precision CNC machining, electro-mechanical assembly, and precision wire & sinker EDM Services.

Since 2000, our commitment to manufacturing excellence has been evident in our consistent delivery of precise results and customer satisfaction. This success is attributed to Dr. Machines’s dedication to superior accuracy and quality control at every stage of production. Supported by a team of skilled quality assurance personnel and process engineers, we possess state-of-the-art computerized and specialized equipment, techniques, and testing tools to ensure that your expectations are met.

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Full range of CNC Services

Our Services

Food Packaging & Production Lines

Food Line Production​

We produce food line production machines that automates the handling of food products, improving the efficiency, speed, consistency, and quality control of manufacturing. ​

Filling & Packing Machines

We design & produce filling and packing machines that are quick and accurate, which is essential for modern manufacturing in various industries.

Spare Parts for Pumps​

We manufacture and maintain pumps and spare parts to guarantee optimal performance and longevity for your production machines in various industries. ​

Mixers & Homogenizing Machines​

We design & manufacture mixers and homogenizing machines in order to produce a consistent final product for food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemicals. ​

Punch & Cut Die Molds​

We design, manufacture and maintain punch and cut die molds that are specialized tools in the manufacturing industry used to shape materials like plastic and metals. ​

Electric Welding (Tig & Mig)​

We weld using electric welding to join metal pieces, with techniques like TIG or MIG welding.

Gears Manufacturing​

We design, produce & maintain machinery gears for mechanical systems. Applying cutting, CNC milling, hobbing, and shaping machines to create gears of different shapes and sizes. ​

EDM Wire Cut Machines​

We apply precise cutting and shapping using EDM-wire cut machines for various materials, and it is computer-controlled for accuracy. ​

CNC Machines​

We use mill-turn 4-axis CNC, 4-axis center milling machines to produce spare parts, precise cutting for molds and dies using advanced CAD-CAM software for maximum accuracy. ​

Balancing Machines​

We use balancing machines to balance rotary parts after machining or welding to ensure stability and eliminate vibration.

Plastic Injection Molds​

We design, manufacture and maintain plastic injection or blowing molds to produce various plastic products for multiple industries.

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Oil & Gas Energy


Power Systems